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22nd July 2014

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Toki loves Animal Crossing and tries to play it every day. He made his villager character look like Skwisgaar because he’s weird. He changes the animals’ catchphrases to stupid shit like like ‘dildos’ so it’s like they’re insulting Skwisgaar and he laughs about it every time he talks to the animals. His town is probably equal parts brutal and cute - pink flowers planted alongside blood splattered walk paths and stuff. The main room of his house is the mermaid set and it’s all cute and pink and whimsical but he has a torture chamber in the basement.

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21st July 2014

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20th July 2014

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Nathan and Toki are the only members of the band who really think going down on a woman is ‘gross’. The others play along for the sake of band solidarity. (We’ve seen Skwisgaar in the act. I can’t imagine Murderface being overly disgusted by anything down there, given his fetishes… and Pickles just likes to make people happy.

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20th July 2014

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15th July 2014

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Murderface’s Civil War obsession is an analogy/symbol for how he is always at war with himself.

And also for his constant conflicts with his fellow bandmates - and most importantly, his potential betrayal of the band. 

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15th July 2014

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Murderface’s Civil War obsession is an analogy/symbol for how he is always at war with himself.

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15th July 2014

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The band are actually huge anime fans, Toki likes the chibi stuff the most, Skwisgaar likes the psychological ones, Murderface is really into the Detective stuff and likes to imagine himself as one, Nathan loves the comedy stuff (and secretly he thinks the romantic comedy ones are the best) and Pickles likes the obscure animes. They all like Avatar though and like to discuss what sort of element they would control.

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15th July 2014

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Charles HATES pedophiles. He thinks it’s the most disgraceful thing a person can be. Which is why he has a hatred for Rockzo, and why he used pedophilia as an excuse for Melmord’s disappearance. 

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13th July 2014

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Nathan likes gardening, yardwork, and building things like birdhouses and mailboxes. But especially gardening. Getting into the soil with his hands and smelling it, planting things and tending them, picking the vegetables when they’re perfectly ripe… And then whipping them at some jackoff because f**k eating vegetables amirite?

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13th July 2014

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